DSU Departments

University departments may use, with approval from the Dixie State University Public Relations and Marketing Department / Creative Services, the Dixie State University institution marks for:

  • All official/formal campus communication
  • Publications
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Merchandise
  • Campus signage
  • Web pages
  • News releases
  • Fax covers
  • Promotional items and giveaways

*All business card / letterhead must be designed and approved by the Dixie State University Creative Services Department.

Dixie State is under contract with Alphagraphics for the creation of all letterhead and business cards. It is not permissible to create and/or print your own cards, envelopes or letterhead.

Please review the Dixie State University Style Guide for more specific information regarding use guidelines.

Dixie State University marks may not be altered at any time and all merchandise must include the organization’s name/logo prominently on the product, if applicable. All purchases of merchandise bearing any of Dixie State University’s verbiage or trademarks, regardless of whether or not the purchase is subject to royalty, must be from licensed manufacturers.

Per official policy (policy 206-6.1.4) – Departments and recognized student clubs and organizations may purchase merchandise bearing official Dixie State University trademarks, for both internal and external use, only with prior written approval. Every department, with the exception of the Dixie State Intercollegiate Athletic Department, must have written approval from the University Marketing and Communication Office (UMAC) before any purchase is made. The Dixie State Intercollegiate Athletic Department must have written approval from the Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations/Collegiate Licensing before any purchase is made.

Currently Dixie State University grants one type of license:

A Standard license is used by companies that desire to produce licensed products for resale to the general public.

Royalty fees apply unless the DSU collegiate licensing director grants an exemption. CLC – Learfield Licensing/IMG College and Dixie State University have outlined royalty exemption policies for items created for internal consumption only. If a DSU department purchases items bearing any of the Dixie State University licensed trademarks for internal consumption, the item(s) would not be subject to a royalty fee. However, if the item(s) is re-sold, it would be subject to a royalty fee.

Steps for Approval

See the Campus Licensing page for the approval process.

Local Vendors and Dixie State University Licensees

See the Local Vendors and Dixie State University Licensees page for a listing of approved vendors.